WaRaa. cup noodle.

Hello. Currently, Very popular cup noodle in Japan. It is Wa Raa shio ramen. (It’s Japanese salty soup taste ramen.) It’s good. For the local, please try it. Thank you.

Japanese restaurant.

Hello.everybody.  I went to the Japanese restaurant other day. I like Japanese food. Thank you.

Seto no Shio-age.

Hello everybody. I got a Seto no Shio-age (せとのしおあげ。瀬戸の汐揚) new version. It’s a citron a small citrus fruit (Japanese called Yuzu.(ゆず。柚子)) taste. It’s delicious. For the local, Please try it. Thank you. 

Gomguk soup.

Hello. I find retort pouch of Gomguk soup other day. It’s very easy cook. Good. Thank you.

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Hello. I love Iris. Same with you. Present for you. Thank you.

Osashimi of raw mackerel.

Hello. I got a good osashimi of raw mackerel other day. It’s very delicious! Thank you.


Japanese sake.

Hello everybody. Shochikubai sells start special Nihon-shu. It’s good. For the local. Please try.it. Thank you.