Sasa dango.

Hello everybody. I got the Sasa dango (笹団子 ささだんご ) other day. It’s one of the Japanese sweets that is like a rice cake wrapped bamboo leaves. Also rice cake inside sweet bean paste. Good. Thank you.



Hello everybody. I got a US style microwave popcorn other day.
 Here is a popcorn.
 It in to the microwave. Therefore pop!.
 Finished. Delicious!. Thank you.

Okinawan restaurant.

Hello every body. I want to the Okinawan restaurant other day. I like Okinawan food.

Every dishes very delicious!. Thank you.


Hello every body. I went to the Osushi restaurant other day.

Every dishes very good. I love Sushi. Thank you.

Hokkaido sweets.

Hello everybody. I got the Hokkaido sweets at Hokkaido festival in grocery store of neighborhood. 
One is a Sanporoku, Koi shiro kowari (三方六 濃い白小割。さんぽうろく こいしろこわり。). It’s a white chocolate Baumkuchen

Another one is a Jagaimo korokoro (じゃがいも ころころ。). It’s a clacker of potato.

Both, very major sweets in Hokkaido. Delicious!. Thank you.

Sara udon.

Hello everybody. Todays my lunch is Sara-Udon. It Nagasaki dish of fried noodle with some vegetables, meat, sea food on topping. Delicious!. Thank you.


Hello everybody. Holiday season in Japan this week. I made a Taco dinner this time. Delicious!. Thank you.