Japanese sake.

Hello everybody. I got a Japanese sake from Osaka. It’s Dai-ginjyou (だいぎんじょう。大吟醸). It is most smooth Japanese sake. Good. Thank you.


Japanese sake.

Hello everybody. Shochikubai sells start special Nihon-shu. It’s good. For the local. Please try.it. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I found delicious Nihon-shu(Japanese sake.) other day. It’s sho-chiku-bai. Haru no karakuchi. It’s Good taste. For the local, Please try it. Thank you.


Hello. I got a old style label of Sapporo beer other day. It’s oldest Japanese beer. Good. Thank you.


Truffle cream pasta.

Hello. I made a dinner today. Tonight, Truffle cream pasta. It’s very good smell and super delicious! Therefore, best much for the red wine. Thank you.

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Hello. I got the whisky special version other day. I love it. Delicious!

Tonight, This whisky with grand calbee of special snack from Osaka. Good. Spl tks Mr.N. Thank you.

Evening drink.

Hello. My tonight drink is Japanese sake and golden squid.
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Therefore, Kuro kiri (Kuro kirishima Japanese distilled spirit). Good. Thank you.