Cars McQueen lantern.

Hello everybody. Halloween season come here. Everybody, Happy Halloween. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I got a US style microwave popcorn other day.
 Here is a popcorn.
 It in to the microwave. Therefore pop!.
 Finished. Delicious!. Thank you.

Mac and Cheese.

Hello. I got a Mac & Cheese from USA other day. My kids like it. Thank you.

p1120162 p1120163


Hello everybody. I went to the Disney world, Disney California, of course, Tokyo Disney land and sea. Today, I put on the Disney word and Disney California photo album. Please see and enjoy! Thank you.

Disney world.
Magic kingdom.      Mgc kngd
Animal kingdom.       Anml kngdm
Hollywood studio.     Hlwd stdo 
Epcot.                       Epct

Disney California.    DC1  DC2  DC3  DC4

CHEEZ IT white cheddar.

Hello everybody. I got a Cheez it by souvenir other day. I love it. Thank you T-san. Thank you.


Domino’s pizza.

Hello everybody. New pizza house opened in my neighborhood other day. It’s Domino’s pizza. This Pizza house born in the Michigan of USA. Of course, I bought pizza immediately. Taste itself completely American taste. I remember the America’s life. It’s nostalgic taste in my mind. Delicious. Thank you.
P1080258 P1080261 P1080262


Charcoal-grilled yakiniku

Hello guys. I went to the charcoal-grilled yakiniku restaurant other day. 
P1080329 P1080330 P1080331 P1080332
Beer, kimuchi, Charcoal-grill.

P1080333 P1080334 P1080335 P1080336
Tan-shio, Ton-toro, Chijimi.

P1080337 P1080339 P1080340 P1080341
Harami, karubi, Motsu, Rei-men.
Everything very delicious. Spl tks Y-san. Thank you.