Samet island.

Hello everybody. I went to the Ko Samet Thailand other day. It’s a beautiful island of Thailand.

So, Please enjoy it in the photo album.
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Thank you.



Hello. I went to the Thailand other day. It’s very fan country. So, Could you please see in the photo album. Thank you.


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Niigata short trip.

Hello everybody. I went to the Niigata short trip other day. I like that area. because, Niigata has a perfect sea food, good rice, beautiful sea. So, Please enjoy it in the photo album. Thank you.


Photo album →!Atfbch0lTaqQ3ln4alc21rA1RvRb


Hello everybody. I went to the Disney world, Disney California, of course, Tokyo Disney land and sea. Today, I put on the Disney word and Disney California photo album. Please see and enjoy! Thank you.

Disney world.
Magic kingdom.      Mgc kngd
Animal kingdom.       Anml kngdm
Hollywood studio.     Hlwd stdo 
Epcot.                       Epct

Disney California.    DC1  DC2  DC3  DC4


Hello everybody. I went the B/T to Hokkaido other day. It was 4days short trip.

P1070682  At first, I arrived Haneda airport.

I found very rare air plane. Japanese air force one. 日本国政府専用機です。

Took off. We are over the Makuhari area now. We can find baseball stadium.

P1070713 P1070720
Already arrived Hokkaido. Therefore, dinner at first day.

P1070722 P1070726 P1070731
2nd day dinner is Sashimi, Uni-pasta and Ikura-Uni don ( Sarmon-roe (like a caviar) and sea-urchin bowl).

P1070747 P1070743
3rd day dinner is ジンギスカン(Mongolian barbecue).

P1070756  Final day, Return to Tokyo.
P1070786 Tokyo Haneda arrived. Cheers.  
Otsukaresama deshita.
Here is a detail of this trip. Please see it. Thank you.

The Railway Museum

みなさんこんにちは。先日、鉄道博物館に行ってきました。新幹線のシミュレータなどがあり、中々面白かったです。それでは、鉄道博物館の様子をこちらでお楽しみください。 Hello everybody! I went to the Railway Museum other day. There has a simulator of the Shinkansen, it was very interesting. Please enjoy the state of the Railway Museum. Thank you.
LINK →!9740
P1050481 P1050519

Kyoto Japan

みなさんこんにちは。先日、京都に行ってきました。またまた弾丸の為、日帰りだったのですが、清水寺を訪れることが出来ました。それでは、京都1Day tripの様子をこちらでお楽しみください。 Hello guys. I went to Kyoto other day. Still bullet one day trip, but I was able to visit the Kiyomizu Temple. Please enjoy here the state of the Kyoto. Thank you. PS. Congratulation K&S.
LINK →!9659

P1050388 P1050398