Hello. I got a chocolate from Japanese my friend other day. It’s cute!. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Japan trip 6.

Hello everybody. Today is last article of Japan trip. I show the return flight to Bangkok Thailand this time.

Therefore, Please enjoy it in the photo album.
Thank you.

Japan trip 5.

Hello every body. I show the lunch and inside of Narita airport this time. I went to the Misaki kou of kaiten sushi restaurant. Delicious!. Also, Narita air port has a many historical Japanese culture exist. Thank you.

Japan trip 4.Museum of Aeronautical Science.

Hello everybody. I show the Museum of Aeronautical Science of Narita #2. It’s very fan.

Therefore, Please enjoy it in the photo album.
Thank you.

Japan trip 3. Boeing 777.

Hello every body. This article is 3rd day of Japan trip. I went to the Museum of Aeronautical Science of Narita ( 成田航空科学博物館 ). I show the Boeing 777 flight simulator this time. I piloted it. It’s very fan. I love it. Please try it everybody!. Thank you. 


Japan trip 2.

Hello every body. This time is dinner of 2nd days. I went to the Sushi zanmai.


Delicious!. Thank you.

Japan trip 1.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japan other day. I show the move to Japan of 1st day this time.

787 this time.

take off.

Arrive at HND.

I stay at Royal park hotel the Haneda this time.

Good night.

So, Please enjoy it in the photo album.
Thank you.