Megabangna Shopping Centre.

Hello everybody. I went to the “Megabangna shopping centre” other day. I want to buy the kitchenware and tableware by IKEA this time.

It expensive compare to Japan IKEA. Also I find UNIQLO. Oh, UNIQLO’s too.

Additionally, I went to the Fuji of Japanese super market when halfway of  return back.

Therefore, I’m return to new home.

Thank you.


 皆様、Y’s caféでございます。


負けるな、日本。 志あれば道あり。

I’m sorry for gone person due to the Tohoku Kanto earthquake at other day’s. and I sincerely visit it in everybody of struck and families. This is Y ‘s cafe. The wound of the huge earthquake doesn’t heal and the massive scar remains as it is in Japan still. As for restoration with an early moment, wishing further advancement an of course thing and than before doesn’t stop. The purpose of the person’s having eyes in the front side is to see ahead. To advance ahead, eyes, noses, and mouths are attached forward. The hand and the foot can raise degree of freedom forward. The person can have it walk ahead. Therefore, let’s walk ahead. Please do not defeat never. Please do not defeat at the earthquake. They are very few racially homogeneous nations on the earth though Japan is a small island nation. Therefore, even if the word is not spoken, it is Japanese the possession of the mind that can run each other. People in other countries that are another nation states like the mind, the politeness, and the sense of morality, etc. to help each other are speaking very highly. It has come a lot painfully, and sadly. However, for us to be able to do now is to walk.
Please Japan defeat… There is a road if there is a will. Thank you.



Hello. A serious thing happened in Japan. I sincerely visit it in the encounter of damage. I wish that peaceful every day be able to be regained as soon as possible.
Please ..Japan.. do not defeat.  There is a road if there is a will.
Thank you.

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お客様各位  Dear all the guests.
いつもY’s caféをご利用頂きありがとうございます。
   Thank you very much for use usual Y’s cafe.
突然ではありますが、このたびマイクロソフト社より、本ホームページ ”space” のサービス提供が終了となる旨の連絡を頂戴致しました。
   Suddenly, the report of the effect that the service offer of this homepage "Space" is ended was received from Microsoft Corporation this time.
伴いまして、現在、2010年 年内目標にて、リニューアルオープンに向け、各種、方策検討、及び対応策を推進中であります。
   It accompanies, and various and the strategy examination and countermeasures are being promoted with the target in end of 2010 year aiming at a renewal opening now.
どうか、今後とも末長く、Y’s caféをよろしくお願い申し上げます。
   Please continue your favors toward very, and Y forever in the future.