Thai cuisine, Taling Pling.

Hello everybody. I went to the Taling pling of Thai cuisine restaurant at Thong lor Bangkok other day. It’s delicious!. Thank you.

Hokkaido restaurant. Genshiyaki Kamameshi.

Hello every body. I went to the Hokkaido restaurant at Ekkamai Bangkok other day. It’s a Genshiyaki Kamameshi ( げんしやき かまめし。原始 焼 釜飯 ). This restaurant has a very fresh sea food come from Hokkaido Japan. All dishes very delicious!. Especially Shirako no Tempura, Ika no shio-kara, Sanma sashi, Beni-jyake no Ruibe, Jingisukan, Mentaiko and Zangi. Oh, Not especially… It’s everything Super delicious!. When eat it, I have an illusion. I’m in Hokkaido, not in to the Bangkok. Great!.

Thank you.

Sanuki Udon.

Hello guys. I find delicious frozen food other day. It’s a Sanuki Udon. This Udon like a Real Sanuki taste!. Also noodles itself very al dente. It’s Japanese says, Koshi ga aru ( こしが、ある。 ). Additionally, Very easy cook and reasonable price!. It sell at very major Japanese super market in Phromphong area. For the BKK local, Please try it!. Thank you. 

Thai Cuisine restaurant. CHURN Eatery.

Hello everybody. I went to the Thai cuisine restaurant at Panya village, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok other day. It’s a CHURN Eatery. This restaurant has a sophisticated interior and dishes. Delicious!.


Thank you.

Trip to Japan 5.

Hello guys. This is No.5 column.
I took a lunch is Udon of Marugame seimen.
Dinner is Wine bar.

Therefore, I went to the HND airport next morning.

I’m return to BKK. Thank you.

Trip to Japan 4.

Hello guys. This is No4 column. I went to the Japanese Izakaya restaurant other day. I ate a delicious Japanese dishes, especially Maguro Chu-toro shabu-shabu.


Beautiful!. Thank you.

Trip to Japan 3.

Hello guys. I take a 3rd column this time. I went to the wine bar. I used many times this wine bar when I live in Japan.

Delicious!. Thank you.