Hello everybody. I got the delicious sweets other day.

Sanpouroku. It’s a Hokkaido famous sweets.

Short bread. It’s major German cookie. 

And, choco nanbu.

Everything good. Thank you.



Hello everybody. These are mini tomatoes that I grew. Cute. Thank you.

Kanseki cuisine.

Hello, I went to the Kaiseki cuisine restaurant other day.

Every dishes delicious!. Thank you.

Okinawan food.

Hello everybody. I got the Okinawan food other day.

Okinawa soba. 

Umi budou.
I like it. Thank you.

Kyushu tonkotsu ramen.

Hello. I went to the Kyushu tonkotsu ramen (九州 とんこつ ラーメン)noodle restaurant other day. I like this ramen. Delicious. Thank you.

Fugu cuisine.

Hello every body. I went to the Fugu cuisine restaurant other day. Fugu means blowfish. Fugu has a strong poison. So, to cook the Fugu, special license is a required. So, Fugu restaurant chef has a that license. Therefore, we are eat it safely. Delicious. Thank you. 



Sara udon.

Hello. Todays my lunch is Sara-udon. Sara-udon means Nagasaki dishes of noodle, top of the various vegetables, sea food and meat. I like it. Delicious!. Thank you.