Irori juban.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japanese restaurant at thonglor Bangkok other day. It’s a Irori Juban. Delicious!. Thank you.

Yakiniku Shoutaian.

Hello everybody. I went to the yakiniku restaurant at Thonglor Bangkok other day. It’s a Shoutaian ( 将泰庵。しょうたいあん ). This restaurant offered “Nomeru Hamburg” ( 飲めるハンバーグ ). It mean’s “This Hamburg no need bite. Very soft. It can drink.” 

Delicious!. Thank you.

Cup noodle.

Hello guys. I got a Cup noodle other day.
Tom yum noodle of Nissin, pepper taste pork noodle of local company, thai rice noodle.

Tempura Udon of local company.

Good. Thank you.

Okinawan restaurant Kinjo.

Hello everybody. I went to the Okinawan restaurant Phrakhanong Bangkok other day. It’s Kinjo ( 金城。きんじょう). It has a many Okinawan dishes exist. Very good. Delicious!. Thank you.



Hello guys. Tonight my dinner is Pizza. Good. Thank you.

Hokkaido milk cream Bun. Little C.

Hello everybody. I bought a Cream bun’s at Phromphong Bangkok other day. It’s a “Hokkaido milk cream Bun. Little C”. It’s a airy bun’s, inside a delicious milk cream. sweet!. Thank you.

Ramen. Taishoken.

Hello guys. I already return to Bangkok. I went to the ramen restaurant Thong Lo Bangkok other day. It name is Taishoken ( 大勝軒。たいしょうけん。). Delicious!. Thank you.