Sea life ocean world.

Hello every body. I went to the “Sea life ocean world” in Siam paragon at Siam Bangkok other day. It’s a very fan place for family. If you have a work permit or Thailand visa, Please bring it. You can get the discount price when show it. Thank you.


Pororo Water Park.

Hello everybody. I went to the Pororo water park in Central plaza Bangna Bangkok other day. It’s very fan place and it focus for the Kids and family.
At 1st. Please buy the ticket. If you have a work permit, Please show it. Additionally, If your mobile phone with contract to AIS, you can get the more discount.

Next, Please charge of some money for your wristband.

Then, please buy the rental locker key.


You can refund wristband money at final gate. Thank you.

Lego land 4.

Hello everybody. I show the last day of this trip this time. We are safely return to Thailand. Of course, I saw the Jewel one more time.  

Therefore, Please see the photo album on the final days of the LEGO trip.
Thank you.

Lego land 3.

Hello everybody. I show the water park and sea life this time. These are LEGO style pool and aquarium.

Therefore, Please enjoy it in the photo album.
Thank you.


Lego land 2.

Hello everybody. I show the 2nd day of Lego land. I went to the main area this time. 

Here is a Top 3 interesting attractions I choose.

Therefore, Please enjoy the 2nd day of this trip in the photo album.
Thank you.

Lego land 1.

Hello everybody. I went to the Lego land Malaysia other day. To get there from Thailand, go through Singapore. At Singapore Changi air port, I wanted see the new place “Jewel”. It’s a very cool spot.

Therefore, Please see in the photo album about 1st day. 
Thank you.

Safari World.

Hello everybody. I went to the zoo of Bangkok other day. It’s a Safari world. It has a two main park. One is a marine park. Name itself, marine. However, it is a walking style zoo. Not only sea life’s. Another one is a safari park. It is a ride on vehicle style in to the wild life garden. I’m went to the marine park this time. It’s fan to kids. Additionally, If you have work permit and Thailand Visa, Please bring it and show it to the ticket booth. You can get the ticket of the Thailand guys fee. Therefore, Please see it in the photo album. Thank you.