Hello everybody. Halloween season came here. Everybody, Happy Halloween. Thank you.



I went to the some art festival other day. Foam polystyrene fountain is beautiful. Thank you.



Happy Halloween.

Hello everybody.
I made a lightning McQueen of jack o lantern few years ago.
Happy Halloween. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I saw the fireworks other day. In Japan, there are lots of fireworks festivals in summer season. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

Tokyo Disney land.

Hello. I went to the Tokyo Disney land with my kids other day. It’s kindergarten event. We call ensoku (遠足). It’s very fan! Thank you.
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p1110782 p1110781 p1110805 p1110807
p1110791 p1110809 p1110813
p1110818 p1110819 p1110845
p1110840 p1110837 p1110828 p1110816
p1110835 p1110831 p1110832
p1110830 p1110829 p1110817
p1110846 p1110847 p1110848


Hello everybody. I went to the Disney world, Disney California, of course, Tokyo Disney land and sea. Today, I put on the Disney word and Disney California photo album. Please see and enjoy! Thank you.

Disney world.
Magic kingdom.      Mgc kngd
Animal kingdom.       Anml kngdm
Hollywood studio.     Hlwd stdo 
Epcot.                       Epct

Disney California.    DC1  DC2  DC3  DC4

Tokyo Disney Sea.

 Hello every body. Next is a Tokyo Disney Sea. I went to it next day of Tokyo Disney land. I enjoy it too. I love Disney again. So, Please enjoy the Tokyo Disney Sea at the photo album. Thank you.

P1110014 P1100902 P1100935

P1100932 P1100931 P1100974 P1110007

P1110019 P1100928

Photo album. →   link tds