Hello everybody. I went to the “Asiatique the riverfront” other day. It’s remake from the old warehouse to the huge size night market. It’s place at between the “Chao Praya” river and BTS “Saphan taksin” station.

So, Please enjoy it in the photo alum.   
Thank you.



Hello everybody. I went to the “MuangBoran the ancient city” at most south side of Sukhumvit road, Samut Prakan near the Bangkok other day of one day trip. This place is easy learn about the history of Thailand. Here is the cultural heritage of all over Thailand, It is on display of the building by real scale. Additionally, This place is huge size park, So we can not walking. We have to used rental cycles ( free ) , golf cart ( need pay ) or tram bus ( free ). About dress code, We need wear the long sleeve with collared shirt, long pants. I can advise to you guys, easy take off shoes is better. About admission fee, Thailand guy is cheaper, Foreigner tourists is twice. So, If you have a work permit, please bling and show it when you buy the thicket. Anyway, It’s a very fan place I think.

Therefore, Could you please enjoy it in the photo album. 
Thank you.


Hello everybody. Halloween season came here. Everybody, Happy Halloween. Thank you.


I went to the some art festival other day. Foam polystyrene fountain is beautiful. Thank you.



Happy Halloween.

Hello everybody.
I made a lightning McQueen of jack o lantern few years ago.
Happy Halloween. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I saw the fireworks other day. In Japan, there are lots of fireworks festivals in summer season. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

Tokyo Disney land.

Hello. I went to the Tokyo Disney land with my kids other day. It’s kindergarten event. We call ensoku (遠足). It’s very fan! Thank you.
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