Hello. I went to the MEGA WEB Odaiba other day. I saw the TNGA Platform. It’s interesting. Thank you.



Hello everybody. I went to the Nissan crossing at Ginza other day. Purpose? Of course, I want to see the GT-R 50 by Ital design. Cool.

Please see in the Photo album. Thank you.!Atfbch0lTaqQ33CN3v4GprMF7ytR


Hello everybody. Halloween season came here. Everybody, Happy Halloween. Thank you.

2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Hello everybody. I went to the Tokyo motor show other day. I love cars. Please see the photo album. Thank you.

Photo album!Atfbch0lTaqQ2A4U55IVwQXJ2e3V

Tokyo Motor Show.

Hello everybody. I went to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show other day. This year very exciting show I think. Please see the nice vehicle and beauty. So, Could you please click the link. Thank you.
Link →   (Please see sorted by name.)

Mcqueen lantern. Happy Halloween

Hello. Halloween season come here. Japan also. I made a jack o lantern of Cars lightning Mcqueen at USA two years ago. ( Please see at archive 2012-Oct.)
Unfortunately, Japan do not sells this type and size of pumpkin. So, I can’t made lantern…I little sad. However, I can remember at USA life. Everybody, Happy Halloween. Thank you.

Initial D. イニシャルD

Hello. 86(Hachi-Roku) of Initial D come here. FD3S also. These are very famous vehicle (of Manga) in Japan. 86 is very old vehicle. However, very fast at downhill ( in the movie and television.). If you want more information, Please search for WEB in “Initial D”. Thank you.
P1070209 P1070670