Tokyo Motor Show.

Hello everybody. I went to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show other day. This year very exciting show I think. Please see the nice vehicle and beauty. So, Could you please click the link. Thank you.
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Mcqueen lantern. Happy Halloween

Hello. Halloween season come here. Japan also. I made a jack o lantern of Cars lightning Mcqueen at USA two years ago. ( Please see at archive 2012-Oct.)
Unfortunately, Japan do not sells this type and size of pumpkin. So, I can’t made lantern…I little sad. However, I can remember at USA life. Everybody, Happy Halloween. Thank you.

Initial D. イニシャルD

Hello. 86(Hachi-Roku) of Initial D come here. FD3S also. These are very famous vehicle (of Manga) in Japan. 86 is very old vehicle. However, very fast at downhill ( in the movie and television.). If you want more information, Please search for WEB in “Initial D”. Thank you.
P1070209 P1070670

Twin Ring Motegi.

Hello. I went to the Twin Ring Motegi other day. They has a Honda collection hall. I visited it. It has a many historical vehicle exist. So, Please enjoy it in the Photo album. Thank you.

P1070127 P1070116 P1070148 P1070122

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Radio‐controlled model car.

Hello everybody. I tried Claw crane other day, then I got the Radio-controlled car “GT-R”. I was grad. Thank you.
P1060219 P1060220

La Ferrari

Hello guys. La Ferrari came here. Thank you.
P1060216 P1060214

1401 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Hello guys. I went to the Tokyo Auto Salon other day. Auto salon means, festival of tuning car, Dress up car and custom car in Japan. I’m visit it first time. It’s very surprise and interest vehicle show. Therefore, Please enjoy it in the photo album. Thank you.
“名前順”に並べ替えて、ご覧下さい。 Please see it sorted in the order of name. Thanks.
P1060250 P1060325 P1060489