Super GT. Day 2.2.

Hello every body. Here is a Day2.2.

Thank you.


Super GT. Day 2.1.

Hello everybody. Here is a Day2.1. Here we go.

Thank you.

Super GT. Day1.

Hello everybody. I went to the Super GT Round 4 at Chang international circuit at Buriram Thailand other day. It’s a very fan event for me. Before that, I went to the Phanomrung historical park.

Therefore, Could you please enjoy it day1 for the photo album. 
Thank you.

Aston Martin.

Hello everybody. I went to the Aston martin Tokyo other day. It’s cool. Thank you.

Formula 1.

Hello everybody. I saw the Formula 1 car other day. Cool. Thank you.

New BMW 3er.

Hello. I went to the BMW show room other day. I saw the new BMW 3er. Good. Thank you.


Hello. I went to the MEGA WEB Odaiba other day. I saw the TNGA Platform. It’s interesting. Thank you.