Todays BKK.

Ferrari new model come here.

My kids made a Pokémon paper craft.
Thank you.

Central Embassy department store.

Hello everybody. I went to the Central Embassy at Phloen chit Bangkok other day. It’s a highest class department store in Bangkok. I can’t go to see around here, Because I have only few minutes this time. I just see the Mercedes Benz dealer. Thank you.


Todays PhromPhong Bangkok.



Therefore, Harrods bear. Thank you.

Bangkok today.

Everybody. Happy holiday. Thank you.


Tilt shift.

Hello guys. I got the thilt shift soft other day. It’s looks like a change to miniature. Interesting!.
HND airport
Super GT       

Thank you.

Thai Motor Expo.

Hello guys. I went to the Thai Motor Expo at IMPACT Arena, Pak kret, Nonthaburi other day. It’s a maximum scale Motor show in Thailand.

Therefore, Please see it in the photo album.
Thank you.

Car Dealer.

Hello everybody. I went to the car dealer of the SIAM PARAGON 2nd floor other day. That has a many excellent vehicle exist. 





Beautiful. Thank you.

Cars McQueen lantern.

Hello everybody. Halloween season come here. Everybody, Happy Halloween. Thank you.

Car Race in Bira circuit.

Hello guys. I went to the car race in “Bira circuit” at near the Pattaya Thailand other day. It’s very exciting!.

So, Please see it in the photo album.
Thank you.


Hello everybody. Ferrari held an exhibition in the neighborhood of my apartment at Bangkok.



Beautiful!. Thank you.

Super GT. Day 2.2.

Hello every body. Here is a Day2.2.

Thank you.

Super GT. Day 2.1.

Hello everybody. Here is a Day2.1. Here we go.

Thank you.

Super GT. Day1.

Hello everybody. I went to the Super GT Round 4 at Chang international circuit at Buriram Thailand other day. It’s a very fan event for me. Before that, I went to the Phanomrung historical park.

Therefore, Could you please enjoy it day1 for the photo album. 
Thank you.

Aston Martin.

Hello everybody. I went to the Aston martin Tokyo other day. It’s cool. Thank you.

Formula 1.

Hello everybody. I saw the Formula 1 car other day. Cool. Thank you.