Hello everybody. I’ll explain the new airplane this time. It’s a BBJ ( Boeing Business Jet. ) of B787-9. About inside, It’s like a suite in a first-class hotel. It has already been ordered 16 planes. That’s about $560 million par one airplane. Additionally, I show the B777 version this time. If you want to buy BBJ, Please ask to Boeing. Thank you.

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1) Honda Jet.


Royal Thai Air Force museum.

Hello everybody. I went to the Air force museum of Thailand other day. So, Please enjoy it in the photo album.

Thank you.

Flight simulator.

Hello everybody. I find Boeing flight simulator at Ekkamai Bangkok other day. It’s Boeing officially licensed product shop. I will try it. I’m very exciting! Thank you.


Flying Honu.

Hello everybody. I saw the “ANA A380 Flying Honu” at Narita Tokyo international airport when I take off timing into the another plane other day. Cute!. Thank you.

B/T to Japan.

Hello everybody. I went to the business trip to Japan other day. It’s first time return to Japan. I can meet the my family. I’m very happy.
Start! at BKK ( Suvarnabhumi ) Inter national airport.


Arrive at Haneda international Airport. 

I arrived my home.

Therefore, Could you please see the photo album 
Thank you.

Aerospace expo.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japan international aerospace exhibition 2018 Tokyo other day. It only exists once in four years. I like this show.
Please enjoy it in photo album. Thank you.


Hello. I went to the short trip to Hokkaido other day. It’s very fan and delicious!.

So, Please see in the photo album. Enjoy.