Trip to Japan 3.

Hello guys. I take a 3rd column this time. I went to the wine bar. I used many times this wine bar when I live in Japan.

Delicious!. Thank you.

Trip to Japan 2.

Hello guys. I show the 2nd day of Japan trip. This time, I went to the Sushi zanmai ( すしざんまい ) at dinner time with my friends.

Delicious!. Thank you.

Trip to Japan 1.

Hello every body. I went to the Japan other day. I show the moving day this time.
Start at Bangkok PM 18:00 Thai time. 
Arrive at BKK air port. 
Todays dinner is Thai noodle.
I arrive at HND at AM 5:45 JPN time. ( I took a sleep just 3 hours…Sleepy. )
I ate a Iekei ramen. Delicious!. Thank you.

Taco Bell.

Hello guys. I went to the Taco Bell of Siam Paragon, Bangkok other day. I like this fast food. Also, I lived at USA 10 years ago, I remember the this taste. Delicious!. Thank you. 

Samet island 2.

Hello every body. Here is a Samet island day 2 and 3.

Please enjoy it in the photo album.
Thank you.

Samet island 1.

Hello everybody. I went to the Samet island other day. It’s a beautiful beach near the Bangkok.

So, Please enjoy it in the Photo album.
Thank you.


Hello everybody. I went to the Kidzania at Siam Bangkok other day. It’s a very fan place’s for the family’s here. Thank you.