Hello guys. I went to the Sushi restaurant Thonglor Bangkok other day.

Good. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I’ll explain the new airplane this time. It’s a BBJ ( Boeing Business Jet. ) of B787-9. About inside, It’s like a suite in a first-class hotel. It has already been ordered 16 planes. That’s about $560 million par one airplane. Additionally, I show the B777 version this time. If you want to buy BBJ, Please ask to Boeing. Thank you.

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1) Honda Jet.


Kyushu Ramen Seiryu.

Hello everybody. I went to the Kyushu ramen restaurant at Thong lor Bangkok other day. It’s a Seiryu ( 青龍。せいりゅう。). Seiryu means blue dragon. It’s place at near the BTS Thong lor st.

Delicious!. Thank you.


Beautiful. Thank you.

Cars McQueen lantern.

Hello everybody. Halloween season come here. Everybody, Happy Halloween. Thank you.

Iekei ramen Uchidaya.

Hello everybody. I went to the Uchidaya ramen restaurant at Phromphong Bangkok other day. This restaurant ramen is iekei ( 家系。いえけい) ramen. I love this taste. very good.

Delicious!!!. Thank you.

Hotels Dinner.

Hello everybody. I went to the hotels dinner at Chong Nonsi Bangkok other day.


Good. Thank you.