Sunset of Bangkok.

Beautiful. Thank you.

Flight simulator.

Hello everybody. I find Boeing flight simulator at Ekkamai Bangkok other day. It’s Boeing officially licensed product shop. I will try it. I’m very exciting! Thank you.


Flying Honu.

Hello everybody. I saw the “ANA A380 Flying Honu” at Narita Tokyo international airport when I take off timing into the another plane other day. Cute!. Thank you.

Chabuya Tonkotsu Ramen.

Hello guys. I went to the ramen restaurant at Ekkamai Bangkok other day. It name is “Chabuya”(ちゃぶ屋). This restaurant got the Michelin star and Ramen champion of Japanese television program. I ate a Tonkotsu shio ramen this time. Umm. Delicious!. Thank you.

Ramen. Tori soba Nanase.

Hello every body. I went to the “Tori soba” restaurant other day. It name is Nanase (七星。ななせ。). Nanase come from chiba pref of Japan. Very rich Tori paitan soup ramen noodle. This restaurant locate at TongLor and Phromphong. Delicious!. Thank you.

Ekkamai Gateway.

Hello guys. I went to the shopping mall at Ekkamai Bangkok other day. It name is “Gate way Ekkamai”.
Arrive at “Gate way”
This mall motif is Japan.
Gate is Torii (鳥居。とりい。).
Wow! Tenya (てんや) exist!.
 It has a many Japanese restaurant and shop.

Good. Thank you.

Flower of Thailand.

Beautiful!. Thank you.