Ramen of very rich chicken soup.

Hello guys. I went to the famous ramen restaurant neighborhood other day. it’s a very rich chicken soup ramen. very good. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I went to the Kaiseki restaurant other day. very good. Thank you. 

Amakusa cuisine.

Hello everybody. I went to the Amakusa cuisine restaurant other day. Amakusa is a west side of Kyushu areas name. Delicious!. Thank you.

Tori paitan ramen.

Hello everybody. I went to the Tori paitan (とり ぱいたん。鶏白湯。)ramen restaurant other day. Tori paitan means, chicken bone white broth soup. Very very delicious!. Thank you. 


Hello. I made a ramen noodle of lunch other day. Good. Thank you.

Tan tan men.

Hello everybody. I ate a Tan-tan-men noodle ( 担々麺。たんたんめん。Szechuan dish of noodles covered with a sauce of sesame paste and chili oil. ) other day. It’s good. Thank you.

Japanese kaiseki restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japanese kaiseki restaurant other day. It’s good!. Thank you.

Ramen with very rich sea bream soup.

Hello. I went to the Ramen restaurant other day. It’s a Ramen noodle with very rich sea bream soup (鯛だしラーメン). Delicious! Thank you.

Luxury Yakiniku.

Hello everybody. I went to the High class Yakiniku restaurant other day. Every dishes, great!. Thank you.

Aston Martin.

Hello everybody. I went to the Aston martin Tokyo other day. It’s cool. Thank you.

Sanuki udon.

Hello everybody. I got a dried Sanuki udon other day. Sanuki udon from Kagawa pref. It’s very famous and delicious udon. Good. Thank you.

Sushi dinner.

Hello. Tonight my dinner is Maguro sushi. Delicious!. Thank you.


Hello. Todays my lunch is “Okkirikomi udon” come from Gunma pref. It’s a thick noodle, like a fettuccine pasta. Good. Thank you.