Devil’s food series.

Hello everybody. Currently, Akuma no onigiri (あくまのおにぎり。Devil’s rice ball.) is booming in Japan.

It is so delicious rice ball that it continues to eat more and more. So, name is Devil’s rice ball. We can’t stop the eat…
Therefore, new products come here. It’s Devil’s stir fried Udon noodle.

Of course, We can’t stop eat… 🙂 Thank you.

New BMW 3er.

Hello. I went to the BMW show room other day. I saw the new BMW 3er. Good. Thank you.

Chinese lunch.

Hello everybody. I went to the Chinese restaurant other day. My friends ate a Tan-tan-men. ( Szechuan Style Hot noodles covered with a sauce of sesame paste and chili oil. 担々麺。たんたんめん。) 

I ate a Gomoku-yakisoba. ( Stir-fried Noodles with Starchy Sauce. 五目焼きそば。ごもくやきそば。)

Both are very delicious!. Thank you.

Sea food dinner.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japanese style sea food restaurant with my friends other day. It’s so fresh, therefore delicious!. I love sea food. 
Beer. Otsukuri ( おつくり。Assorted sashimi.).

Sashimi of very flesh squid.

Boiled in thick soy sauce with sugar of alfonsino. Flesh salad.

Fried fish and Fragrant fried of pasted fish. About pasted fish, we call it “Namerou. なめろう”.

Japanese sake. Osushi.
Delicious!. Thank you.

Renga pan.

Hello everybody. I got a Renga pan (レンガパン。Bread of Brick shape. ) other day. Currently, it’s a best sales of souvenirs in Tokyo station. It’s delicious!. Thank you.