Hello every body. I got a Yatsuhashi of souvenir from my friends other day. Yatsuhashi refers to one of the Japanese-style confectioneries. It’s like a cinnamon style soft Cookie. It’s chestnut and sweet potato inside this time.


Autumn leaves.

Hello everybody. Autumun leaves come here.

Motsu nikomi.

Hello every body. I went to the Japanese traditional festival other day. I ate a Motsu nikomi that time. Motsu nikomi means Miso taste Japanese old style stew. I like it. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I went to the Izakaya restaurant other day. It’s good. Thank you.



Hello everybody. I got a souvenir from my friend other day. It’s Shonan chigasaki crackers. Good. Thank you.

Chestnut cake.

Hello everybody. I ate a Chestnut cake other day. It’s autumn taste. Good. Thank you.

Okinawan dinner.

Hello. Tonight my dinner is Okinawan.
Goya champuru.
Taco rice. 
Delicious!. Thank you.