Happy halloween.

Hello everybody. Happy Halloween. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I went to the Nissan crossing at Ginza other day. Purpose? Of course, I want to see the GT-R 50 by Ital design. Cool.

Please see in the Photo album. Thank you.


Roast fish of Nadaman.

Hello. I got the Delicious frozen fish other day. It’s made by Nadaman(なだ万). Nadaman is a very famous and top class Japanese restaurant.

Aka-uo (Matsubara’s red rock fish.) and Sawara (Spanish mackerel).

With so-men kabosu flavor. Delicious!. Thank you.


Hello. Tonight my dinner is Taco. 

Ground beef with taco seasoning.

Hard shell this time.

Finished. Delicious!. Thank you.


Hello everybody. Halloween season came here. Everybody, Happy Halloween. Thank you.


Hello. I went to the short trip to Hokkaido other day. It’s very fan and delicious!.

So, Please see in the photo album. Enjoy. 
LINK  https://1drv.ms/f/s!Atfbch0lTaqQ3ywU6XezO44_gKwc


Hello. Summer flower blooming. Thank you.