Cherry blossoms. さくら

Hello everybody. Spring has come to Japan. Cherry blossoms (さくら.桜) blooming. It’s very beautiful. Thank you.




Hello. Tonight my dinner is Maguro(tuna) carpaccio.

And chicken grill truffle flavor.

Delicious. Thank you.

Ramen noodle.

Hello every body. I got a delicious ramen noodle other day.

No.1.  Hokkaido pref, Ichigen,  Ebi Soba(一幻,いちげん。えびそば). It’s a very rich flavor of shrimp soup. Tasty! 

No.2.  Hokkaido pref, Santouka, Tonkotsu shio(山頭火 豚骨 塩, さんとうか とんこつ しお). It’s also very rich Tonkotsu soup. This ramen restaurant branch at LA. Head office at Hokkaido Asahikawa. Delicious!.

No.3. Tokyo, Setagaya, Tuke men, Noukou gyokai shouyu(せたが屋 つけ麺 濃厚魚介醤油, せたがや つけ麺 のうこう ぎょかい しょうゆ). Tsukemen means noodle and broth are separate dishes which you dip and eat. Good.

Each ramen are very good. For the local, Please try it. Thank you.


Hello everybody. Spring is just around the corner. Thank you.

chinese restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the Chinese restaurant other day. Delicious. Thank you.

Yakiniku restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the yakiniku restaurant other day. This restaurant used beef are high class aging beef. Delicious. Thank you.




Hello. Today is Hinamatsuri(ひな祭り) in Japan. Hinamatsuri means, march 3rd is a day to pray for the healthy growth and happiness of young girls. I got a strawberry cake:). Thank you.


Hello. I got the Chocolat from my friend who living in France. It’s so good. Thank you.