Cup noodle.

Hello. I got a new cup noodle other day. One is a Rich cup noodle. It’s a Matsutake mushroom cream soup taste. Good. Another one is a Mouko tanmen Nakamoto.(蒙古タンメン中本). It’s a very hot and spicy noodle.  This ramen restaurant is a very famous in Tokyo. tasty!. For the local, Please try it. Thank you. 


Hello everybody. I went to the Izakaya (居酒屋。いざかや) restaurant other day. It’s delicious. Thank you.

Hakodate shijimi ramen.

Hello everybody. I went to an exhibition of the products of Hakodate other day. Hakodate is a one of the city of Hokkaido. I got the Shijimi ramen. Shijimi is a small Japanese clams. It soup is a very delicious. Of course ramen noodle in it, very very delicious!. Thank you.

Mapo tofu.

Hello every body. Tonight my dinner is Mapo tofu( まーぼーどうふ.麻婆豆腐) black style. Good. I like it. Thank you.


Hello. Tonight my dinner is Carpaccio. This time, Three type of tuna. One is a lean tuna(赤身). other one is fatty tuna(中とろ). Last is minced tuna(たたき).  Delicious!. Thank you.

Sara udon.

Hello every body. Todays my lunch is Sara Udon(さらうどん.皿うどん). It’s major at Nagasaki dish. Fried Udon noodles with various toppings. I like this crunchy feel. Good. Thank you.

A Happy New Year.

A happy new year every body. It Japanese says “Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu (あけまして おめでとう ございます). Also, Japanese eat ozouni(おぞうに. お雑煮) at 1/Jan. This time my kids made some chopstick wrapper. Thank you.