Japanese restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the old style Japanese restaurant other day. It’s delicious and beautiful. Thank you.

Souvenirs of Kyoto.

Hello everybody. I got a souvenirs of Kyoto other day. It’s Tsujiri sweets. Tsujiri (辻利。つじり) is a very famous Kyoto Uji green tea shop in Japan. This time, I got a green tea Yatsuhashi and rusk. It’s delicious. Thank you.

Omar shrimp sauce pasta.

Hello. Tonight my dinner is Omar shrimp sauce pasta. Of course, pasta with red wine. Good. Thank you.

p1120041 p1120042


Hello everybody. I got a souvenir from my friend other day. It’s ひろしま牡蠣のオリーブオイル漬け。( Olive oil marinated Hiroshima oyster. )


It’s very delicious! and best much for the wine. Spl tks S san. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I went to the Izakaya restaurant other day.


Everything good. Thank you.

Seto no shio age.

Hello. I got a new Japanese rice cracker. It’s “Seto no shio age (瀬戸の汐揚). It’s just a little salty and scallop flavor. I love this taste. For the local, please try it. Thank you.  

p1120062 p1120066

Nagoya food.

Hello. I went to the Nogoya other day. That timing, I got a Nagoya food.

p1120038 p1120116Kishimen (きしめん). It’s a kind of Japanese noodles, Noodles itself flat shape. Good.

p1120039 Miso nikomi udon (みそ にこみ うどん。味噌煮込みうどん). It’s stewed Miso udon noodles. Nagoya style is a used Haccho-miso. Good.

p1120040 p1120043 Uirou (ういろう). It’s a sweet rice jerry.

Everything very famous Nagoya food. Thank you.


Hello everybody. Spring has come completely. Thank you.