Mentaiko pasta.

Hello everybody. I made a Mantaiko pasta again. (Mentaiko is cod ovum slowly marinated in chili pepper sauce.) Tonight, I drink red hot wine. Delicious! Thank you.



Hello. I got a good taste fish tonight. It’s raw mackerel sashimi. We call it Nama saba sashi (なまさばさし。生鯖刺). It’s super delicious! Therefore, I wont drink Japanese sake. 🙂 Thank you. 
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Hello everybody. Todays my lunch is Kaisen-don.(かいせんどん。海鮮丼) It is bowl of rice topped with sashimi. It’s good. Thank you.

Waffle bowl maker.

Hello. I got a Waffle bowl maker other day. As it’s name suggests, it can make waffle bowl. I will try it! 🙂 Thank you.


Hello everybody. Spring has come. cherry blossoms bloom. It’s beautiful. Thank you.


Hello. I got a souvenir of Thailand from my friend other day. One is a Red curry. Another one is a  Tom yum kung. Looks like hot and delicious! Spl thanks Mr.S. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I found delicious Nihon-shu(Japanese sake.) other day. It’s sho-chiku-bai. Haru no karakuchi. It’s Good taste. For the local, Please try it. Thank you.