Pokemon noodle.

Hello. My kids ate a cup noodle other day. It’s Pokémon noodle. It’s cute. Thank you.


Hello. Tonight my dinner is



  Taranome tempura.

Delicious! Thank you.


Hello. I got a Youkan other day. Youkan (ようかん。羊羹)is a Japanese sweet bean past jelly. It best much for Japanese green tea. (or my favorite is Japanese sake… 🙂 ) Currently, most famous youkan brand is Toraya in Japan, I think. It’s good. Thank you.


Fu chanpuru.

Hello. My tonight dinner is Fu chanpuru. It’s Okinawa style Fu ( Mede of wheat gluten) with pork and veritable mix stir fry. I love Okinawa food. It’s delicious! Thank you.



Hello everybody. My tonight dinner is

p1120239 Hourensou no ohitashi. (Boiled spinach with bonito flakes.)  

p1120237 Haru yasai no tempura.(Tempura of spring vegetable.)

p1120235Katsuo no  tataki.( Seared bonito.)

Good. Thank you.

Uni (sea urchin) pasta.

Hello. I made pasta. Tonight, It’s Uni pasta. (Sea urchin pasta.) It’s very rich taste. delicious!. It’s much for hot red wine. Thank you. 🙂

p1110907 p1110909


Hello everybody. My tonight dinner is Osashimi (Sliced raw fish.).

p1120226 Bonito.

p1120228 Mackerel.

Both delicious! Thank you.

Yakisoba lunch.

Hello. I made lunch today. It’s Yakisoba. I put on mayonnaise on it. Good. Thank you.