Tachiuo sashimi.

Hello. I got the Tachiuo (Cutlass fish. たちうお。太刀魚) sashimi other day. It’s luxury fish in Japan. That good! Thank you.


Bread lunch.

Hello. Todays my lunch is Bread.
Squid ink bread with seasoned cod roe and corn potage.
p1110940 p1110941

Crunchy Cheese, chocolate marble, sausage and curry bun.
p1110942 p1110943 p1110944
Good! 🙂 Thank you.

Mentaiko pasta.

Hello. Tonight pasta is seasoned cod roe (めんたいこ、明太子、Mentaiko.) pasta. Mentaiko is cod roe slowly marinated on chili pepper sauce. It’s spacy and rich taste. Good. Thank you.



Hello. Tonight my dinner is osashimi.

p1120174 Aji. (Horse mackerel.)

p1120206 Goma saba. (Southern mackerel.)

p1120173 Maguro. (Tuna.)

Good. Thank you.

Mac and Cheese.

Hello. I got a Mac & Cheese from USA other day. My kids like it. Thank you.

p1120162 p1120163

High class Japanese restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the Ryoutei (料亭、りょうてい)  other day. It’s high class Japanese restaurant.
p1120207 Stylish!

p1120208 p1120209 p1120210 Beer. appetizer.

p1120211 p1120212 p1120213 Osashimi Kamakura style. Awabi-sashi. ( Sliced raw abalone.)

p1120214 p1120215 p1120217 Nihon-shu. Snow crab.

.p1120223 p1120218 p1120219 Fried oyster and chicken. Aka dashi miso soup ( Fermented dark soybean paste soup.).

p1120220 p1120221 p1120222 Tarako gohan. ( Cod roe with steamed rice.)

p1120224 p1120225 Shirako no tempura (Tempura of cod milt.). It’s very very delicious!. Tai no shio-kara ( Solted red snapper. ).
Everything delicious! Thank you.

Strawberry picking.

Hello. I went to the strawberry picking with my kids other day. It’s fan and sweet. Thank you.

p1120193 p1120195 p1120192 p1120196



Hello. I got a old style label of Sapporo beer other day. It’s oldest Japanese beer. Good. Thank you.


Hon-maguro don dinner.

Hello everybody. My tonight dinner is,

p1110973 Grilled green onion with soy sauce. (Yaki-negi. やきねぎ。焼き葱)

p1110974 Bluefin tuna rice bowl.(Hon-maguro don. ほんまぐろどん。本鮪丼)

p1110975 Stir-fried liver and Chinese chives. (Reba-nira itame. ればにらいため。レバニラ炒め。)

p1110977 And hot wine. Umm—. Delicious!.  🙂 Thank you.