Aralia sprout tempura.

Hello everybody. I got a Aralia sprout tempura (たらの芽の天ぷら) other day. It can eat only winter timing. Therefore, Maccha-jio (抹茶塩。まっちゃじお。Japanese green tea salt.) sprinkle on it. Good. Thank you.



Hello. Motsuni finished. It’s like a Japanese stew of beef. I like it. Good. Thank you. 


Truffle cream pasta.

Hello. I made a dinner today. Tonight, Truffle cream pasta. It’s very good smell and super delicious! Therefore, best much for the red wine. Thank you.

p1110898 p1110899


Hello. I made a Motsu-nabe other day. It’s a one of Japanese hot pot. Good. Thank you.

p1120165 p1120169

Hokkaido ramen.

Hello. I went to the commodity exhibition of Hokkaido other day. I got a 3 instant ramen noodle. All are very famous shops ramen. One is a Hakodate Kitahama shoten, Tonkotsu shio. Next is Sapporo Ginparou, Tonkotsu shouyu. I like this taste. Last is Asahikawa, Tenkin Asahikawa shoyu. Everything good. Thank you.


Fried rice.

Hello. I got a fried rice (cha-han. ちゃーはん。炒飯。) of frozen meal other day. It’s very reasonable price, easy cook, and delicious. Today, I show the Japanese market top 3 of it.
One is a “Honkaku itame cha-han.” by Nichirei food. This cha-han, taste itself like a ra-men restaurant cha-han taste. Good.
p1120056 p1120078

Next is “Kogashi ninniku no ma-yu to Negi abura ga kaoru The cha-han.” by Ajinomoto. It means, The fried rice of Oil boiled burned garlic and aroma of long onion oil. Taste itself, little strong. I like this taste. Good.
p1120058 p1120059

Finally, “cha-han no kiwami. Ebi gomoku XO-jyan” by Maruha nichiro. It means, Extrime cha-han with XO souce include shrimp, and variety of ingredients. Good. It’s a Chinese restaurant of Chinatown taste. Good. 
p1120057 p1120080
For the local, Please try it. Thank you.

Gomguk soup.

Hello everybody. I made a Gomguk (コムタン) soup other day. It’s a Korean beef soup. Taste is a smooth and rich beef taste. Therefore, It best much for the steamed rice I think. I like it. Thank you.


Hello. I got the whisky special version other day. I love it. Delicious!

Tonight, This whisky with grand calbee of special snack from Osaka. Good. Spl tks Mr.N. Thank you.

Sushi restaurant.

Hello. I went to the Sushi restaurant other day. I love sea food!

Beer. Osashimi. Wagyu seiro mushi.
p1110867 p1110868 p1110869

Yaki-hamaguri. Tampura. Nigiri zushi.
p1110870 p1110871 p1110872

Aji and Kohada sashi. Ume hosomaki. Uni.
p1110873 p1110874 p1110875

Mehikari tempura. Osuimono. Ginnan.
p1110876 p1110877 p1110878
Everything good. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I got a sweet strawberry other day. Good. Thank you.


Evening drink.

Hello. My tonight drink is Japanese sake and golden squid.
p1120074 p1120075

Therefore, Kuro kiri (Kuro kirishima Japanese distilled spirit). Good. Thank you.

Maguro shirasu don.

Hello. Tonight my dinner is Maguro Shirasu don (まぐろ しらす どん。鮪しらす丼) with olive oil. Of course, drink with Japanese sake. I love this combination. Good. Thank you.

p1120016 p1120017


Good morning. My todays breakfast is “salsa chicken sand”. It’s good. Thank you.


Hello. Tonight my dinner is

p1120018 p1120019 p1120020 p1120021
Carpaccio (Maguro, Binchou-maguro, salmon.). Japanese sake.

p1120022 p1120024
Grilled chicken and red wine. Delicious!. Thank you.