Aralia sprout tempura.

Hello everybody. I got a Aralia sprout tempura (たらの芽の天ぷら) other day. It can eat only winter timing. Therefore, Maccha-jio (抹茶塩。まっちゃじお。Japanese green tea salt.) sprinkle on it. Good. Thank you.



Hello. Motsuni finished. It’s like a Japanese stew of beef. I like it. Good. Thank you. 


Truffle cream pasta.

Hello. I made a dinner today. Tonight, Truffle cream pasta. It’s very good smell and super delicious! Therefore, best much for the red wine. Thank you.

p1110898 p1110899


Hello. I made a Motsu-nabe other day. It’s a one of Japanese hot pot. Good. Thank you.

p1120165 p1120169

Hokkaido ramen.

Hello. I went to the commodity exhibition of Hokkaido other day. I got a 3 instant ramen noodle. All are very famous shops ramen. One is a Hakodate Kitahama shoten, Tonkotsu shio. Next is Sapporo Ginparou, Tonkotsu shouyu. I like this taste. Last is Asahikawa, Tenkin Asahikawa shoyu. Everything good. Thank you.


Fried rice.

Hello. I got a fried rice (cha-han. ちゃーはん。炒飯。) of frozen meal other day. It’s very reasonable price, easy cook, and delicious. Today, I show the Japanese market top 3 of it.
One is a “Honkaku itame cha-han.” by Nichirei food. This cha-han, taste itself like a ra-men restaurant cha-han taste. Good.
p1120056 p1120078

Next is “Kogashi ninniku no ma-yu to Negi abura ga kaoru The cha-han.” by Ajinomoto. It means, The fried rice of Oil boiled burned garlic and aroma of long onion oil. Taste itself, little strong. I like this taste. Good.
p1120058 p1120059

Finally, “cha-han no kiwami. Ebi gomoku XO-jyan” by Maruha nichiro. It means, Extrime cha-han with XO souce include shrimp, and variety of ingredients. Good. It’s a Chinese restaurant of Chinatown taste. Good. 
p1120057 p1120080
For the local, Please try it. Thank you.

Gomguk soup.

Hello everybody. I made a Gomguk (コムタン) soup other day. It’s a Korean beef soup. Taste is a smooth and rich beef taste. Therefore, It best much for the steamed rice I think. I like it. Thank you.