Karasumi pasta.

Hello. I made tonight dinner. It’s Karasumi pasta!. Karasumi means, dried mullet roe. Good! Thank you.


Unagi restaurant.

Hello. I went to the Unagi restaurant other day.

1612-img_0102 1612-img_0103 Stylish!

1612-img_0104 1612-img_0105 Salad, fried shrimp.

1612-img_0106 1612-img-0107 Una-don( うなどん。鰻丼。Bowl of rice topped with grilled eel.). Una-don (and a Una-jyuu)is a very famous food in Japan. And Osuimono soup. Delicious! Thank you.

Happy holiday.

Hello. My kids made a tree. Cute! Everybody. Happy holiday! 🙂 Thank you.
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Nihon shu.

Hello everybody. I got a Japanese sake (Nihon shu.にほんしゅ。日本酒) special version other day. It’s “Shochikubai fuyu no karakuchi“. It means, dry taste winter limited. How to drink? I recommend hot sake  (we call it Atsukan.(あつかん。熱燗)). This sake is reasonable price, however very good taste. For the local, please try it! Thank you.

Sushi restaurant.

Hello. I went to the Sushi restaurant with my friend other day. This restaurant delicious and reasonable.

Osashimi, Nama-gaki, Yaki-hama.
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Tempura, Nigiri-zushi.
p1110690 p1110691 p1110692

Anago, Hosomaki, Gin-dara.
p1110693 p1110694 p1110695
Thank you.

Olive oil.

Hello. Everybody knows olive oil. It’s delicious and healthy. Today, I will present some olive oil.
It’s “Nisshin oillio さらっと かるーい(saratto karu-i) olive oil”. It means very smooth and light taste. It’s best much for Japanese osashimi (Sliced raw fish.) I think. For the local, Please try it. Thank you.

Autumn color.

Hello. Currently, Japan going to autumn. It’s beautiful. Thank you.
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p1110961 p1110964 p1110969


Tokyo Disney land.

Hello. I went to the Tokyo Disney land with my kids other day. It’s kindergarten event. We call ensoku (遠足). It’s very fan! Thank you.
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