Hello. I got a Don-tacos(ドンタコス) other day. It is very famous sweet in Japan. It’s like a tortilla chips with chile beef taco flavor. Good.

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I remember the trip to Cancun Mex. Thank you.
Cancun trip photo album. →  Cancun 1 Cancun 2 Cancun 3 Cancun 4


Hello everybody. I find white flower other day. It’s cute. Thank you. 

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Hello. I got a brandy other day. It is Camus Napoleon. How to eat? I like brandy with vanilla Ice cream. 🙂 Thank you.

Yellow tail.

Hello everybody. I got a good sashimi of yellow tail. One is a young yellow tail. Japanese says “Hamachi“(はまち。魬). Another one is a yellow tail. It is a “Buri“(ぶり。鰤). I cooked Carpaccio. It is Sashimi with olive oil, lemon, soy source and basil. Best much for wine I think. Good. Thank you.

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Yaki-Soba. やきそば。

Hello everybody. I got a new products of cup yakisoba. One is a Taiwan mazesoba. (台湾まぜそば) It’s like a oiled ramen noodle of Taiwan style. Meat with garlic, red pepper and soy source put on the noodle. Non-soup style. Delicious!  


Next is Hokkaido ika yakisoba.(北海道いかやきそば) It is Hokkaido pref limited yakisoba. It include yaki-ika.(やきいか。Baked squid.) Good.


Last one is a Shiru nashi curry udon(汁なしカレーうどん). It is Non soup, black curry with udon. This noodle is very good taste and reasonable price. I like it.


For the local, Please try it. Thank you.