Hello. I made a dinner everyday. Tonight dinner is,

P1110197 P1110198 Salad.

P1110199 P1110200 Carpaccio of tuna and sardine.

P1110195 P1110201 Kobe-beef. Delicious! Thank you.

High class Yakiniku restaurant.

Hello. I went to the high class Yakiniku(Grilled beef) restaurant other day. This restaurant has a charcoal grill with Japanese black beef. Meat grilled few second, go to the in my mouth, It melts. Also good much for red wine. Delicious.!!!  Thank you.

P1110527 P1110528

P1110529 P1110530

P1110531 P1110532 P1110533 P1110534

P1110535 P1110537 P1110536 P1110538

P1110539 P1110540 P1110541


Hello. I got a easy bread mix other day. It is just knead, make a shape, bake, then eat. 🙂  My kids make a ball shape bread. very easy and fan. Thank you. 

P1110191 P1110193


Hello everybody. I got a good beer other day.
One is a “YEBISU with Joel Robuchon”. This is limited beer.  

Another one is a “Orion beer”. This beer is Okinawa pref local beer.
Both beer is good taste. Thank you.