Osashimi. お刺身。おさしみ。

Hello. I got a good osashimi other day. I made a carpaccio. It easy to make. Just sprinkle olive oil, soy sauce, lemon and basil. 
P1110174 Yellow tail. (Buri. 鰤。ぶり) 
P1110175 Salmon ( サーモン)
P1110176 Tuna (鮪。まぐろ)
Delicious! Thank you.

Mont Blanc cake.

Hello everybody. I got a mont blanc cake other day. It is chestnut cake. In French, Mont Blanc aux marrons. I like it. Thank you.


Kaki no tane. 柿の種。

Hello. I got a Kaki no tane (柿の種。かきのたね) other day. This is very famous sweet in japan. One is a Sriracha sauce taste. Sriracha sauce like a hot sauce and very famous in Thailand. 
Another one is a premium kaki-no-tane. It called Tane-bits (by maker). This time I got a three taste. Kara-age, kogashi-shouyu, tamari nidozuke.(Crunchy fry, baked soy sauce, tamari soy sauce double.)
Good! Spl tks N-san. Thank you.

Albacore tuna. びんちょう まぐろ.

Hello everybody. I got the albacore tuna other day. I made carpaccio this time. It’s very good. I love it. Thank you.


Soba festival. 蕎麦祭り(そばまつり)

Hello everybody. I went to the Soba festival other day. It is very fan and delicious event.
First. Ni-hachi soba.(二八蕎麦) It means, wheat flour 20%, Buckwheat flour 80% soba. That’s good!.
P1110181 P1110185

Next, Shin-soba.(新蕎麦。しんそば) Buckwheat soba noodles made from a new crop of buckwheat berries are specifically referred to as shin soba.
P1110184 P1110186

Last one is Kanzarashisoba(寒ざらし蕎麦。かんざらし そば). It is, Buckwheat got in Autumn, it in a cold water. After that, it exposed to cold weather in winter time. Therefore, making soba noodle. This soba is a condensed soba taste.  
Everything delicious. Thank you.