Hello everybody. I went to the Disney world, Disney California, of course, Tokyo Disney land and sea. Today, I put on the Disney word and Disney California photo album. Please see and enjoy! Thank you.

Disney world.
Magic kingdom.      Mgc kngd
Animal kingdom.       Anml kngdm
Hollywood studio.     Hlwd stdo 
Epcot.                       Epct

Disney California.    DC1  DC2  DC3  DC4


Hello everybody. Rainy season started in Japan. Many hydrangea (あじさい(ajisai) 紫陽花)blooming. Thank you.

P1110491 P1110492 P1110493 P1110497

Cup noodle.

Hello everybody. I got the new products of cup noodle.

Singapore Laksa taste. This is very delicious coconut milk and spices of harmony. Good. 

Kyuushuu Jangara taste. Jangara ramen is a very famous noodle of kyuushuu style restaurant in Tokyo. It’s pork bone broth soup. Delicious!.

Last is “Nissin cup noodle rich”. This cup noodle is 45 years anniversary noodle of Nissin company. It’s “The finest of cup noodle history” they says. One is a fukahire (ふかひれ。shark fin)soup, Another one is suppon (すっぽん) soup. Both are very deep taste with collagen. Delicious. Please try it!.  Thank you. 

Red Bull Air Race. 

Hello guys. I went to the Red bull Air race in Makuhari Japan. It’s very exciting event I think.
P1110434 P1110308
P1110425 P1110431
So, Please enjoy it in the photo album. Thank you.
Photo album → RDBL AR JPN
PS. Congratulations Mr. M.  🙂 
Ref, Red bull air race at Detroit photo album. →  DTT ARRC


Hello everybody. Currently, Spring time in Japan before rainy season. Many flower blooming. It’s cute. Thank you.

P1110177 P1110178 P1110179