Kesennuma restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the Kesennuma (気仙沼。けせんぬま) restaurant other day. Kesennuma is a place name. It is at Miyagi prefecture.
Stylish Japanese interior.
P1100573 P1100574

Appetizer. Japanese sake. Nama Wasabi and Sashimi.
P1100577 P1100579 P1100580 P1100581

Japanese sake. Shun no mono. Fukahire.
P1100583 P1100584 P1100585 P1100586

Ganen (Locked solt). It splinkle to Tempura. Gohan(cooked rice).
P1100587 P1100588 P1100589
Every thing very delicious. Thank you.

Seki-Saba. 関さば。

Hello everybody. I got the Seki-saba (Seki-mackerel. 関鯖。せきさば) other day. It is high class brand fish by Ohita prefecture. Very good taste. Thank you.



 Hello everybody. I got the special crisps other day. One is a “Grand Calbee”. It’s high end crisps of Calbee. Calbee is a most major crisps maker in Japan. It has 3 flavor, cheese, salt of Lorraine and rich butter taste. Another one is a “Tokyo crisps, curry monjya taste”. Monjya like a Japanese style soft pizza. Every crisps very good. Spl thanks N-san. Thank you.

P1100323 P1100324

Tokyo Disney Sea.

 Hello every body. Next is a Tokyo Disney Sea. I went to it next day of Tokyo Disney land. I enjoy it too. I love Disney again. So, Please enjoy the Tokyo Disney Sea at the photo album. Thank you.

P1110014 P1100902 P1100935

P1100932 P1100931 P1100974 P1110007

P1110019 P1100928

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