Kaiseki restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the Kaiseki (かいせき。懐石。) restaurant otherday. Kaiseki like a Japanese style tea ceremony dishes.

P1100068 P1100069 Happy holiday.

P1100072 P1100073 P1100074 Stylish.

P1100075 P1100076 P1100077 Good taste.

P1100078 P1100079 Delicious.

P1100080 P1100081 I’m Happy. Thank you.

Fallen leaves.

Hello everybody. Temperature going down. It’s a very cold.The ground was covered over with fallen leaves. Thank you.
P1100045 P1100044

CHEEZ IT white cheddar.

Hello everybody. I got a Cheez it by souvenir other day. I love it. Thank you T-san. Thank you.


Five-story pagoda.

Hello everybody. I went to the Five-story pagoda at Ueno other day. It’s very famous old wooden buildings at major temples in Japan. Thank you.

P1090255 P1090261

P1090271 P1090274 P1090240

Rilakkuma manjyu

Hello. I find Rilakkumanjyu (りらっくまんじゅう). It means Rilakkuma character manjyu (Steamed bread). About Rilakkuma, It’s Rilax + kuma ( くま。Bear) . It’s cute. Thank you.
P1080627 P1080628