Japanese cuisine restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japanese cuisine restaurant other day.
P1080721 P1080722 P1080732
Japanese modern interior.

P1080723 P1080725 P1080727
前菜 おぼろ豆腐、青梅蜜煮、ばい貝。
造里 雲丹、鱧、ずわい蟹、かんぱち、鯛、花車海老。
酒 獺祭。
Appetizer.  oboro-dofu. ( Half-curded tofu produced in the maiking of tofu.) Japanese apricot. Small water snails.
Otsukuri. (Osashimi.) Sea urchin. Pike conger. Snow crab. Yellow tail. Red snapper. Shrimp.
Japanese sake. Dassai.

P1080730 P1080731 P1080734
箱盛 えびバジルアスパラ、仙台牛ステーキ、銀カレイ煮付け。きんき塩焼き。
強肴 エビチリ
Hako-mori. Shrimp with basil and asparagus. Sendai beef stake. Flounder boiled in sweetened soy sauce. Broil alfonsino with solt.
Stir-fried shrimp in chili sauce.

P1080737 P1080738 P1080735
お食事 鴨南蛮そば。
デザート 桃のコンポート スープ仕立て。
Soba noodles with duck meat and welsh onions.
Dessert. Compote of peach.
Each dishes very delicious!  Thank you.


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  1. Hello, as always with beautiful places and tasty food!

    • Hello Emy-san. Thank you for comment on Y’s-café. Yes. This restaurant real Japanese cuisine. Each dishes dose fine work by veteran chef. Looks good, taste good, Japanese sake combination good. Terrific. Thank you.



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