Indian curry restaurant.

Hello everybody. Indian curry restaurant opened my neighborhood other day. I went to it and eat the curry. It’s good taste. I like curry. Thank you.


Wedding reception.

Hello everybody. I went to the wedding reception of my friend other day.
Today is close to the Tokyo tower. It’s good place.
P1090018 P1090016 P1090017

前菜、姫サザエの香草オーブン焼き、ずわい蟹と玉子のフラン、霧島黒豚のロースト。Appetizer. Baked turban shell with herb. Franc of snow crab and egg. Roast of Kirishima black pork.

フォアグラのソテーお寿司仕立て。Foie gras saute sushi style.

鮑とフカヒレの和風コンソメスープ、茸のデュクセルと生湯葉をそえて。Abalone and shark’s fin of Japanese style consomme soup, served with duxelles of mushroom and raw Yuba.

東京タワー。カナダ産オマールエビのうに味噌焼き。 Tokyo tower. Sea urchin miso grilled Canadian lobster.
P1090023 P1090024

黒毛和牛フィレ肉の網焼きと秋野菜。Black Japanese beef fillet grilled with autumn vegetables.

素敵な南国イメージのテーブル。Lovely tropical image table.
P1090026 P1090027

鯖と季節野菜の炊込みご飯、鰹出汁。Bonito soup stock risotto with mackerel and seasonal vegetables.

ナッツのヌガーグラッセ、紅茶の香り。Nuts of nougat glace, tea fragrance.
Everything is very good. Congratulations for R-san and S-san. Thank you.

Dadacha mame.

Hello guys. I got the Dadacha-mame. It is one of a Edamame (えだまめ。Green soy beans). It’s come from only Yamagata prefecture. very rich, good taste and perfect much for beer. Everybody, Please try it. Thank you.


Yebisu beer.

Hello everybody. Japanese famous beer brand Yebisu released spl ver. It’s Royal selection. This is really good. For the local, please try it. Thank you.

Yokohama Ramen.

Hello guys. I got a Yokohama Ramen other day. It’s Tonkotsu shouyu taste. Tonkotsu soup is made of pork bones which have been boiled down until they dissolve into a cloudy white broth. The thick, creamy soup is also often flavored with chicken broth and pork fat. This time, I got it soup with soy sauce. Also fresh noodle. Delicious! Thank you.