Karl. カール

Hello every body. I got a new taste snack. It’s Karl (カール) Negi-shio Yakiniku taste. About karl , It is very measure corn snack in Japan. It’s crispy and fluffy. Negi-shio yakiniku, which is grilled beef seasoned with finely diced and salted leek. That’s good. every body, Please try it. Thank you.

Walkers Short Bread.

Hello everybody. I got a souvenir from my friends of England other day. It’s Shortbread. When into the mouth, it’s crispy however little soggy and very butter taste. I like it. Spl tks T-san. Thank you.

Izakaya. (居酒屋。いざかや)

Hello guys. I want to the Izakaya bar restaurant other day.
P1080611 P1080612 P1080613
Capurase. (カプレーゼ)
Mackerel that is first salted and vinegared and then roasted. (鯖のあぶり)
Grilled Dumplings on An Iron Pot.(鉄なべ餃子)

P1080614 P1080615 P1080616
Grilled octopus. (蛸の焼き物)
Fried octopus and chicken. (蛸から揚げ、鶏から揚げ)
Yakitori. Grilled meat on a stick. (焼き鳥)

Japanese sake.
Everything good. Thank you.

出羽桜。でわざくら。Dewazakura Japanese sake.

Hello guys. I got the Dewazakura of Japanese sake. It is a very famous Japanese sake of Sendai area. It’s Japanese sake scale +6. It means dry taste. ( Oppositely, minus is sweet.) It dry taste by Japanese guys says, Karakuchi.  I like Karakuchi Nihon-shu. Additionally, this sake is Daiginjyou (大吟醸。だいぎんじょう。). It means top-quality sake brewed from rice grains milled to 40% of weight. Very smooth and fruity. Everybody, Please try it. Thank you.


Sea food restaurant.

Hello. I went to the Japanese sea food restaurant other day.
Stylish interior.

P1080765 P1080764

P1080748 P1080749 P1080751
Sashimi, Kushi, Ahijo.

P1080762 P1080763
Awabi sashi ( あわびのさしみ。鮑の刺身。low Abalone ), Sazae no tsubo yaki.(さざえのつぼやき。栄螺の壺焼き。Grilled turban shell. )

P1080757 P1080758 P1080760
Tsukemono. Sake. Teriyaki.(つけもの。さけ。てりやき。)

P1080754 P1080759 P1080761 P1080756
Every dishes very good. Thank you.

Domino’s pizza.

Hello everybody. New pizza house opened in my neighborhood other day. It’s Domino’s pizza. This Pizza house born in the Michigan of USA. Of course, I bought pizza immediately. Taste itself completely American taste. I remember the America’s life. It’s nostalgic taste in my mind. Delicious. Thank you.
P1080258 P1080261 P1080262