Charcoal-grilled yakiniku

Hello guys. I went to the charcoal-grilled yakiniku restaurant other day. 
P1080329 P1080330 P1080331 P1080332
Beer, kimuchi, Charcoal-grill.

P1080333 P1080334 P1080335 P1080336
Tan-shio, Ton-toro, Chijimi.

P1080337 P1080339 P1080340 P1080341
Harami, karubi, Motsu, Rei-men.
Everything very delicious. Spl tks Y-san. Thank you.


  1. Is Yakiniku a kind of Western barbecue? 😀

    • Hello Camelia-san. Thank you for comment on Y’s-café. Yes. It’s not so difference for western style barbecue. A little difference is a meat thickness. Japanese Yakiniku is a thin. Roughly, thickness 2 to 5 mm meat. And it used very fat meat. Please try it sometime. Thank you.


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