Soba. そば 蕎麦

Hello everybody. I got the good taste Soba other day. Soba means buckwheat noodles. It is very famous in Japan. This time, I got it made by millstone. It means high class Soba. Additionally, Soba with Tempura are good combination. Delicious! Thank you.
P1080247 P1080249 P1080254

Charcoal-grilled yakiniku

Hello guys. I went to the charcoal-grilled yakiniku restaurant other day. 
P1080329 P1080330 P1080331 P1080332
Beer, kimuchi, Charcoal-grill.

P1080333 P1080334 P1080335 P1080336
Tan-shio, Ton-toro, Chijimi.

P1080337 P1080339 P1080340 P1080341
Harami, karubi, Motsu, Rei-men.
Everything very delicious. Spl tks Y-san. Thank you.

Kuro-kiri. 黒霧島。

Hello everybody. I drank the Japanese shuochu ( This shouchu is clear liquor distilled from sweet potatoes by kyushu area. ) other day. It name Kuro-kirishima, we called Kurokiri. It is very famous shouchu in Japan. Feeling of tongue, to become syrupy feeling, and taste itself, real imo-jyouchuu ( Sweet potato shouchu.) . This is very delicious. I like it. Everybody please try it. Thank you.

E7 series bullet train.

Hello. I saw the shinkansen (Bullet train) other day. It is very stylish and cool. I like it. Thank you.

P1080644 P1080646


Tsuke-men. つけ麺。

Hello guys. I ate a Tsuke-men other day. Tsuke-men is a Cold or hot Chinese noodles accompanied by special soup for dipping. Currently, that special soup of Tsuke-men, katsuo dashi ( Dried bonito stock soup.)  with Tonkotsu ( pork stock soup. ) mix soup. It’s very delicious. Everybody, please try it. Thank you.

Okinawan restaurant.

Hello. I went to the Okinawan restaurant other day.
P1080700 P1080702 P1080703 P1080704
Okinawa spl beer Orion. Umimbudo(Sea grapes). Goya champloo.

P1080705 P1080706 P1080707 P1080708
Kushi-age, Agu pork, Shima-rakkyo kara-age. Gurukun no yakimono.

P1080709 P1080710 P1080711 P1080712
Mozuku no tempura. So-ki. Agu pork sausage. Shima-yakisoba.

P1080713 P1080714 P1080716
Yakitori. Taco rice. Okinawa soba.
Every dishes very good taste. I like it. Thank you.


Hello guys. I found Lays at glossary store other day. Lays is very famous potato chips in USA. Usually, I can’t find it in Japan. Therefore, I bought it immediately. I like Lays.! Thank you.