Spring flower.

Hello everybody. Currently, temperature warming up in  Japan. Spring flowers blooming. It’s cute. Thank you.
P1080444 P1080445 P1080460
P1080461 P1080462


Hello. I went to the high class yakiniku restaurant other day.
Light roast highest marbling wagyu sushi. 極上和牛霜降り炙り握り。

Highest class rare meat. 特上タン塩、ミスジ、大三角
P1080154 P1080155

High class lean meat and Highest class loos. 上赤身、特上肩ロース
P1080156 P1080159
Each dishes perfect taste. Terrific! Spl tks B-san. Thank you.

BANDAI collection center.

Hello. I went to the BANDAI collection center other day. BANDAI is a very famous hobby and toys maker in Japan.

Mobile Suit Gundam.
P1080074 P1080079 P1080110 P1080111

Pikachu. Mario.
P1080096 P1080097

Lupin The Third. Thomas the Tank Engine.
P1080095 P1080098

Historical toys.
P1080094 P1080092 P1080109
P1080091 P1080090 P1080107
P1080108 P1080142 P1080144
P1080093 P1080113
This place is very fan for kids. Thank you.

PS. My kids bought the plastic model and made it. P1080459

Sudden snow.

Hello everybody. Suddenly, snow falling in Japan. Cherry blossom’s in the snow scene. It’s very rare. Thank you.

P1080449 P1080450 P1080451

Cherry blossoms. さくら 桜

Hello everybody. Cherry blossoms full blooming in Japan now. very beautiful. Thank you.


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P1080407 P1080409 P1080412 P1080413

P1080419 P1080420 P1080424 P1080429

P1080432 P1080433 P1080434 P1080435

P1080436 P1080438 P1080439 P1080441

Spring has come.

Hello everybody. spring has come. Thank you.

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