Cup fried rice.

Hello everybody. I got the Cup fried rice by Nissin other day. Cup noodle is very famous in the world I think. This time, Nissin released Cup fried rice. How to make? 1st, It into the water. Next, about five minutes heated up in the microwave. Finally, attached special oil sprinkle. complete. Oh! It’s delicious! Thank you.

Japanese natural food restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japanese natural food restaurant other day.
Appetizer. Grated yam nabe. Rare meat. Yaki takenoko (Bamboo shoots).
P1080266 P1080267 P1080270 P1080271
A lot of Japanese sake and shochu ( Japanese distilled spirits.) and Dassai with Taisho. ( Taisho means, General chief chef of this type of restaurant. This word used by sophisticated guys in Japan. Please use this sentence when if you guys will go to Japan.)
P1080276 P1080274 P1080275
Therefore, Dassai with tempura. Soba. ( From far side, Sarashina, Yuzu flavor, old style.) Delicious. Thank you.
P1080281 P1080282 P1080283

九州マー油豚骨ラーメン Pork bone broth ramen with marr oil.

Hello. I got the Pork bone broth ramen with marr oil by Kyushu area other day. This ramen which uses a very thick soup made out of boiling a huge amount of pork bones at high temperature. Additionally marr oil. It is cooked the burnt garlic in sesame oil. That combination is very good. Delicious! Thank you.


Hello. I got a usagi (rabbit ) cream daifuku (大福) other day. This daifuku is soft round rice cake stuffed with sweet green tea cream jam. It’s good. Thank you.