Ten-cha. 天茶。 てんちゃ。

Hello. Ten-cha is a completeIt is a Templa bowl with Dashi-soup. It made by Rosanjin of famous gourmets in Japan. It is very delicious. I love it. Thank you.
Ps. If you want eat it, easy way is here in Japan.
1.you can buy the kakiage tempra(かき揚げ天ぷら) at supermarket.
2.It put on the rice.
3.Put on the hot water with matsutake no osuimono (松茸のお吸い物) of Nagatanien(永谷園).

Takoyaki oven. たこ焼き器

Hello everybody. I bought a Takoyaki oven other day. Takoyaki is a very famous fast food at Kansai area. Also it need the special oven. Here is a Takoyaki oven.


At first, put on the flour and egg with water. next is fillet of octopus add on.

Next, Agedama (bits of fried tempura batter. あげ玉) , katsuo-ko (powder of bonito. 鰹粉) and cabbage sprinkle it.
Therefore, bake.  Finally, Flip it and making the form of a ball.
Complete! Source, katsuo-bushi (sliced dried bonito. 鰹節) and ao-nori (green seaweed. 青のり) sprinkle it, therefor, you can eat. It’s delicious! Thank you.

ふなっしーふりかけ。 Rice seasoning of Funassi.

Hello everybody. I got a Rice seasoning other day. We call it Furikake(ふりかけ). Furikake is a very major meal in Japan. Additionally, I got it a Funassi outside shape. He is a very popular character in Japan now. It’s cute. Thank you.

Hitsuji-doshi. 未年

Hello. Japan has a twelve zodiac signs. We call it Eto. (干支, えと) It cycle is complete every twelfth year. The order is rat, bull, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, house, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, boar. Therefore, This year is sheep. I find it in downtown. Thank you.
P1070992 P1070991
P1070988 P1070989 P1070990
(This is Japanese kite.)

Melon Bread. メロンパン

Hello. I got a souvenir from my friend. It is Melon bread (メロンパン) of Hakone bakery. This bread is most popular bread in that bakery. It is good melon smell and taste. Out side little crunchy and inside is fluffy. delicious!. Special thanks S-san. Thank you.


Hello. I went to the shrine other day. Usually, Japanese people go to the shrine at new years day.  Therefore, I will pray for the family of health and peace of the world. Thank you.
P1070969 P1070972 P1070977
P1070982 P1070966

Macaron (Macaroon)

Hello everybody. I got a macaron other day. There are variety of taste. Additionally cute. I like it. Thank you.
P1070906 P1070908 P1070909