The soup.

 Hello everybody. Winter has come to Japan. It’s cold… Recently, what I’m addicted. That’s Soup. One is a Bisque of Omar shrimp. I remember New York stake house. Another one is a clam chowder of Boston. Of Couse I remember Boston sea food restaurant. Both soup are heart warm taste. It’s delicious. For the local, Please try it. Thank you.

獺祭 Dassai

Hello. I got a Japanese sake other day. It sake name is Dassai. Currently, very popular, short supply and hard to get it in Japan. Fortunately, I got a one of Dassai. It was very fruity taste like a smooth wine. good. For the local, Please drink it one time. Thank you.

High class Sushi restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the high class Sushi restaurant other day.
Luxurious building house and stylish interior.
P1070822 P1070823 P1070825

Appetizer. Delicious!. Espesialy Ika no shiokara (Cuttlefish pickled in salt.). I can not stand older for the Japanese sake.
P1070826 P1070828 P1070829

Wagyu(Japanese beef)-sukiyaki, sashimi and Nodoguro no yakimono (poilet of black-throat seaperch.). very delicious!.
P1070830 P1070831 P1070832

Nigiri-Sushi and stylish Sushi counter with Ita-san(Sushi chef.).
P1070833 P1070834 P1070835

Finally, desert. Additionally, Japanese most delicious whiskey Hibiki. I’m going to mid night…
P1070838 P1070839
Special Thanks for F-san. Thank you.

中華三昧カップヌードル。 Chuka zanmai Cup noodle.

Hello. Chuka zanmai produce new cup noodle. One is a 酸辣湯麺 (スーラータン麺)(Hot and sour noodle soup). Another one is 坦々麺(タンタン麺)(Szechuan dish of noodle covered with a sauce of sesame paste and chili oil.) . Both are very delicious. Everybody, please try it. Thank you.

Japanese seasonal foods restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the Japanese seasonal foods restaurant other day.
P1070876 P1070877 P1070878
Stylish outside.  Ankimo ( Monkfish liver, It called the foie gras of the sea.), Appetizer dish. 

P1070879 P1070880 P1070881
White wine, Sashimi, Kaki no hooba yaki. (Boku Yo grilled oyster.)

P1070885 P1070886 P1070888
Tora-fugu no nimono (とら河豚の煮物。 Cooked food of  tiger puffer.), Tempura of sillaginoid fish and Japanese Maitake mushroom.  kikka-zosui. (菊花雑炊。 Risotto of chrysanthemum.)
Every dishes delicious. Special thanks S-san. Thank you.