Japanese traditional dinner in autumn.

Hello. I went to the Japanese traditional restaurant (Kaiseki. 懐石) other day. Each dish has an atmosphere of autumn. It’s  very nice. All dishes are very delicious also. Special thanks B-san’s.

P1070634 P1070635
Appetizer. Multi-tiered food box (お重 o-jyu.)of autumn.

P1070639 P1070641 P1070642
Sashimi. Dobin-mushi of Matsu-take. Hohba yaki.

P1070643 P1070644 P1070645
Chablis. Owan. Tempura of autumn.

P1070646 P1070647
Gohan and Miso-shiru ( soup ). Dessert.
Thank you.


  1. One Happy Blog でリブログしてコメントを追加:
    This looks delicious! I’m hungry now! 🙂

  2. This looks so delicious! 🙂

    • Hallo Natella-san. Thank you for comment on Y’s-café. Also thank you for reblog. Please eat the Japanese dishes. It is very delicate taste. However, I like each country dish and drink. each country dishes has a different taste. It is talking about history I think. anyway, I like food. Thank you.



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