Autumn leaves.

Hello everybody. Temperatures have been pretty down. Autumn leaves is very beautiful. Thank you.
P1070914 P1070915 P1070917


Hello everybody. I went the B/T to Hokkaido other day. It was 4days short trip.

P1070682  At first, I arrived Haneda airport.

I found very rare air plane. Japanese air force one. 日本国政府専用機です。

Took off. We are over the Makuhari area now. We can find baseball stadium.

P1070713 P1070720
Already arrived Hokkaido. Therefore, dinner at first day.

P1070722 P1070726 P1070731
2nd day dinner is Sashimi, Uni-pasta and Ikura-Uni don ( Sarmon-roe (like a caviar) and sea-urchin bowl).

P1070747 P1070743
3rd day dinner is ジンギスカン(Mongolian barbecue).

P1070756  Final day, Return to Tokyo.
P1070786 Tokyo Haneda arrived. Cheers.  
Otsukaresama deshita.
Here is a detail of this trip. Please see it. Thank you.

Ginkgo tree 銀杏

   Hello guys. I went to the Jingu-gaien (神宮外苑) other day. Ginkgo tree leaf already changed color. It was beautiful. Thank you.
P1070901 P1070902 P1070904 P1070905

Autumun leaves and flower.

Hello everybody. Temperature fall down slightly. The color of the leaves has been changed. Thank you.

P1070890 P1070892 P1070897

Japanese traditional dinner in autumn.

Hello. I went to the Japanese traditional restaurant (Kaiseki. 懐石) other day. Each dish has an atmosphere of autumn. It’s  very nice. All dishes are very delicious also. Special thanks B-san’s.

P1070634 P1070635
Appetizer. Multi-tiered food box (お重 o-jyu.)of autumn.

P1070639 P1070641 P1070642
Sashimi. Dobin-mushi of Matsu-take. Hohba yaki.

P1070643 P1070644 P1070645
Chablis. Owan. Tempura of autumn.

P1070646 P1070647
Gohan and Miso-shiru ( soup ). Dessert.
Thank you.

妖怪ウォッチ零式 Youkai watch.

Hello everybody. As you have to tell several times, Youkai watch is very popular in Japan now. I got a exact Youkai watch other day. It is now very short supply. Situation unobtainable has continued… Fortunately, I get it. I’m very lucky. Special thanks T-san’s. Thank you.