Ramen of chickin stock white soup. 鶏そば

Hello everybody. I went to the ramen restaurant other day. This restaurant ramen is Tori-soba ( 鶏そば). Tori-soba has a tori-paitan soup (鶏白湯スープ). Tori-paitan means, thick white broth prepared by boiling chicken bone until melted. That taste is very deep taste and rich soup. Additionally, iwanori (unprocessed dried seaweed) and roasted pork fillet on it. When one time eat this ramen, It is unforgettable taste I think. For the local, please try it. Thank you.   
P1070630 P1070629

Creative cuisine dinner.

Hello. I went to dinner party other day. That restaurant has a stylish interior and very good taste dishes.

Stylish outside and interior.
P1070596 P1070598 P1070599
P1070602 P1070604 P1070606

Cute flower.
P1070608 P1070609 P1070610

Therefore, delicious dishes.
P1070611 P1070613 P1070616
P1070619 P1070620 P1070621 P1070624
Thank you.

ジバニャン jibanyan of 妖怪ウォッチ youkai watch

Hello everybody. I met the Jibanyan of youkai watch other day.    こんにちは みなさん。私は先日、妖怪ウォッチのジバニャンに会いました。
He is so cute. Thank you.    とてもかわいかったです。

Planes 2

Hello. Planes 2 plane and helicopters come here. Dusty, Blade and Windlifter. That’s good!. Thank you.

Mcqueen lantern. Happy Halloween

Hello. Halloween season come here. Japan also. I made a jack o lantern of Cars lightning Mcqueen at USA two years ago. ( Please see at archive 2012-Oct.)
Unfortunately, Japan do not sells this type and size of pumpkin. So, I can’t made lantern…I little sad. However, I can remember at USA life. Everybody, Happy Halloween. Thank you.

Flower of autumn.

Hello everybody. Autumn flowers are blooming now. It’s cute. Thank you.
P1070666 P1070667 P1070668

E7 series bullet train.

Hello. I saw the E7 series bullet train other day. It is very stylish train. I want to ride it in the future. Thank you.
P1070572 P1070571 P1070570 P1070569