Trip to USA 2

Hello. I show the mid day of B/T in USA this time, I went to the many restaurant at after work and Air force museum at Saturday. Everything, I felt nostalgic. Please enjoy it in the photo album. Thank you.
P1070432 P1070460


Trip to USA 1

Hello. I went to the B/T to USA other day. Since I returned to Japan one year and a half ago, I’m going to America for the first time. So, Please enjoy the 1st day in the photo album. Thank you.
P1070357 P1070391

Pasta of sea urchin.

Hello every body. Pasta of sea urchin completed. Thank you.

Tea ceremony dishes of Japanese food.

Hello everybody. I went to the tea ceremony dishes of Japanese food restaurant other day. We call it “Kaiseki” (懐石料理). It each dishes are served individually with a small amount of beautifully arranged food. Each dishes are very delicious. Special thanks K-san. Thank you.
P1070187 P1070188 P1070189 Kakejiku ( A hanging scroll with a painting).  Appetizer.
P1070190 P1070191 P1070192 Osashimi. Yakimono (Grill) , Owan (Bowl dish).
P1070193 P1070194 P1070196 Tempura. Ochazuke ( Resotto ) . Dessert.