Iekei Shio Ramen.

Hello everybody. I ate a Iekei Shio rumen (家系塩ラーメン).  About Iekei ramen, It is a rich pork soy sauce base in Kanagawa Prefecture originated. It is said Yoshimura-ya(吉村家) is original. From the place where you are on the “~家the trade name was often, it came to be called a Iekei(家系). Pronounced “Yaof the restaurant’s name “家”However pronounced “Iekei” of the Ramen and group of “家系“. It is the noodle restaurant and a group of ramen is characterized by thick straight noodlesMore recently, salty(Shio) taste and miso taste also are emerging. I loved Iekei Shio Rumen. Thank you.



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