Rainy season’s flower.

Hello. Currently, Rainy season in Japan. Usually, Ajisai (bigleaf hydrangea.) blooming this timing every year.
P1070266 P1070278 P1070279
This timing Rose blooming also.
This season, We can’t see the blue sky. However, flower are beautiful. Thank you.




Hello guys. Skipper, Bulldog and Ishani come here. Thank you.
P1060899 P1060900

Rainy season party.

Hello guys. I went to the party of rainy season in Japan other day.
At first. standard dish. Edamame and Nama-chu(beer of middle size mug.).
Next is Nabe. Very hot… Usually, Nabe eat at winter season… However, This time, High humidity and High temperature in Japan. We dare eat hot Nabe.  One is a chanko Nabe ( Usually, sumo wrestler eat it.) of chicken and pork with vegetables. Another one is a kaki no chige nabe ( pot of hot soup with oyster). Mnn… Hot…
P1070267 P1070268
Next is fried chicken. Out side is crunch and inside a juicy. good. 
Finaly, Maccha (Japanese green tea.) roll cake.
P1070277Oh! I’m full. Thank you.

Coloring book.

Hello everybody.  I got the coloring book of Disney Planes. My kids take a good smile. Therefore, I’m happy. Special thanks Y-san. Thank you.

Dalloyau. ダロワイヨ

Hello everybody. I got the Macarons of Dalloyau. Charles Dalloyau at Palace of Versailles in 1700 who worked as a baker of Louis XIV. Later, the prestigious French gastronomy. This macarons are faint sweetness and natural materials taste. That’s good. Thank you.
P1060901 P1060902


Hello everybody. I bought Cushion other day. That Cushion shape are Macaron. It’s cute. Thank you.


Hello everybody. I got the GODIVA other day. I like it. Thank you for Lady Godiva. Thank you.

Cup noodle.

Hello everybody. I bought the Nissin Cup noodle special version. It is “Brazilian Chicken”. It is based on Frango churrasco (Portuguese, チキンのシュラスコ) taste. Additionally, Unforgettable flavor of herbs and spices. That’s good. Please try it. Thank you.