Kihachi’s sweets.

Hello. I got the Kihachi‘s sweets other day. Kihachi is a very famous restaurant in japan. Especially, Pastry is very good. It sweet was very sweet. Please try it. Thank you.


Hello.  I went to the Japanese sea foods restaurant other day. We ate a “suppon” that is amazing taste.
P1060717 P1060719 P1060721 P1060720
Suppon appetizer , suppon chawanmushi like a Hot pudding and sashimi of suppon.

P1060727 P1060724 P1060726
Deep fried suppon and hot pod of suppon.

P1060722 P1060728 P1060730
Suppon taste japanese sake and suppon zousui like a Rissoto. Everything good. Thank you.

Pasta of Homard lobster

こんにちは。オマール海老のパスタ、できました。美味い! Hello. Pasta of Homard lobster completed. It’s delicious! Thank you.


Hello everybody. I went to Izakaya restaurant with my friend other day. That Izakaya has a many fresh sea food. All dishes are very delicious, especially sashimi, oyster and cod milt tenpura. Also, it was perfect much for Japanese sake. I had a great time and smile. Thank you. Special thanks Y-sans.
P1060528 P1060530 P1060531
appetizer, sashimi, Japanese sake.

P1060534 P1060539 P1060532
yakitori, raw oyster, cod milt tempura.

P1060533 P1060535 P1060541
pod, condiment, green tea ice cream.

Spring home dinner.

みなさん、こんにちは。先日、美味しい夕飯を食べました。 Hello everybody. I ate delicious dinner other day.
P1060738中とろ Medium‐fatty tuna.
P1060739ほっけ刺身 An Atka mackerel row fish.
P1060744たらの芽天ぷら。Fatsia sprouts Tempura.
Everything delicious about early spring taste. Thank you.


Hello everybody! Bread was baked. Thank you.

ハクセキレイ White Wagtail.

Hello everybody. I find white wagtail some heavy snow day. It is small and cute bird. Thank you.
P1060671 P1060672 P1060676
P1060679 P1060681 P1060685

Radio‐controlled model car.

Hello everybody. I tried Claw crane other day, then I got the Radio-controlled car “GT-R”. I was grad. Thank you.
P1060219 P1060220