Lady’s and gentleman. New CHEEZ-IT came here again. It is GROOVES. It taste is sharp white cheddar. I love it!. Special thanks Y-san. Thank you.

鍋 Japanese hot pot

鍋、出来ました。寒い夜には、ぴったりです。 Nabe is complete. It’s good taste, and It’s much on a cold day. Thank you.

Stylish restaurant.

Hello everybody. I went to the stylish restaurant other day. That restaurant built by stone. Dish itself, Statelessness. Taste is good. Thank you. 
P1060641 P1060642 P1060643
P1060644 P1060647 P1060645
P1060649 P1060651 P1060654
P1060655 P1060650 P1060656

La Ferrari

Hello guys. La Ferrari came here. Thank you.
P1060216 P1060214

Häagen-Dazs Japan 30th Anniversary.

Hello. Everybody likes major ice cream Haagen-Dazs. It Japan branch got the 30th years anniversary. Therefore, They make a special limited version. One is a “Sakura” ( Cherry Blossoms.) another one is “Rose” . Both are stylish package and fantastic taste. Thank you. 

izakaya ( Japanese style pub.)

Hello. I went to the Izakaya other day. Izakaya means Japanese style pub. They has a tatami mat, and served Sake and food. Every dishes quite reasonable price.
P1060091 P1060092 P1060093
Beautiful wall. Sashimi ( sliced law fish.). Yakitori.

P1060094 P1060095 P1060096
Japanese sake, Shirasu fried in garlic oil. Roast salted and vinegared mackerel.

P1060097 P1060098
Roll of Camembert cheese with Tuna. Fritter of prawns.
Every dishes very good taste. Special thanks M-sans. Thank you.


Hello. I got the “Planes” DVD from USA. My kids are very happy. Special thanks O-san. Thank you.

Shaoxing wine.

Hello. I got the shaoxing wine(紹興酒) from my friend. Shaoxing wine is Chinese liqueur. It need to take warm when drinking. I like shaoxing wine. Special thanks I-san. Thank you.

Manhattan style bistro.

Hello everybody. I went to the Manhattan style bistro with my friend other day. Ahijo of shrimp with octopus and stone grilled beef of Nasu Highlands are very delicious, it was perfect for wine. I had a grate time. Thank you.
P1060075 P1060077
P1060065 P1060068 P1060069 P1060071 P1060082