Warehouse restaurant.

Hi there. I went to the Japanese restaurant other day. It was able to remodel the old warehouse. 

P1050559 P1050562 P1050563
Stylish interior.

P1050560 P1050561 P1050565
Citron pot, mixed season platter, chicken ball soup with Matsutake mushroom.

P1050566 P1050567 P1050568
Plates of three kinds of sashimi, Deep‐fried taro in a light savory sauce, Grilled pork loin miso taste.

P1050569 P1050570 P1050573
Stone roasted rice, Cake of citron taste. Good taste everything. Thank you. 


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  1. I hope to try them one day,
    all options to comment and like are in Japanese, isn’t it?
    SO Cool 🙂



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