Steamed Pork Meat Bun.

Hello. I have received Steamed pork meat bun’s ( In Japanese called Buta-man.) of souvenir other day. That Meat bun’s by horai(蓬莱) in Osaka. Horai is most famous bun’s restaurant in Osaka. Many guys bought it for souvenir. The bun’s itself, fluffy outside and juicy pork meat and onion inside. That’s good taste. Thank you.

Long green onion.

Hello everybody. I got the delicious long green onion from friends of farmer other day. It’s sweet and very delicious. I try to make a Negiyaki ( Roast long green onion.) and Tonjiru ( Miso soup with pork and vegetable.). Both good taste. Thank you. Special thanks M-san.
P1060512 P1060514

1401 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Hello guys. I went to the Tokyo Auto Salon other day. Auto salon means, festival of tuning car, Dress up car and custom car in Japan. I’m visit it first time. It’s very surprise and interest vehicle show. Therefore, Please enjoy it in the photo album. Thank you.
“名前順”に並べ替えて、ご覧下さい。 Please see it sorted in the order of name. Thanks.
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Warehouse restaurant.

Hi there. I went to the Japanese restaurant other day. It was able to remodel the old warehouse. 

P1050559 P1050562 P1050563
Stylish interior.

P1050560 P1050561 P1050565
Citron pot, mixed season platter, chicken ball soup with Matsutake mushroom.

P1050566 P1050567 P1050568
Plates of three kinds of sashimi, Deep‐fried taro in a light savory sauce, Grilled pork loin miso taste.

P1050569 P1050570 P1050573
Stone roasted rice, Cake of citron taste. Good taste everything. Thank you. 

えびそば Shrimp ramen

こんにちは。先日、札幌新名物の海老そばを購入しました。濃厚な海老のスープがとても美味しかったです。 Hello. I bought a Ebi-Soba ( Shrimp ramen ) of Sapporo city new special product other day. It’s a very very rich shrimp soup. It was very delicious. Thank you.

The Railway Museum

みなさんこんにちは。先日、鉄道博物館に行ってきました。新幹線のシミュレータなどがあり、中々面白かったです。それでは、鉄道博物館の様子をこちらでお楽しみください。 Hello everybody! I went to the Railway Museum other day. There has a simulator of the Shinkansen, it was very interesting. Please enjoy the state of the Railway Museum. Thank you.
LINK →!9740
P1050481 P1050519


こんにちは。先日、映画”PLANES”を見てきました。Cars Worldそのままに、とてもおもしろかったです。 Hello. I have seen the movie “PLANES”. Cars world as it is, It’s very interesting. Thank you.


Hello every one. On new year’s day, Japanese people pay a visit to shrines to pray for happiness and good health. Of course me too. I was taken care of last year, I hope the new year finds you in excellent spirit. Thank you.
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